Any race from fantasy exists in the right setting as allowed by the DM.

They may be altered to suit my taste, but all races can be played in one form or another. There isn’t enough space here or in my imagination to list them all, but I will add them as people use them.

Common Races in the town of Sleepyoak


Small fae with wings that live in trees in homes built of sticks and such. They stand about a foot high, can fly, and are intelligent.


A carnivorous race that will eat anything smaller than it that it can get away with. They weigh in at about 3 1/2 ft tall and 60 lbs, and are intelligent and social. Don’t expect them to eat your cat, but they might eat a stray or two…

Make up the bulk of the town. Come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the town of sleepyoak is almost exclusively white.


The result of encounters with elves and the humans they find remarkable. Like humans in most ways, only a bit shorter and slighter. Some have pointed ears, and some have an affinity for magic. Elves live in some of the surrounding areas and trade with the town of Sleepyoak, but do not live among humans. They prefer not to make friendships with people who die so quickly.


Orcs trade with the town of Sleepyoak, and sometimes take jobs as security in some form. They have a reputation for being brutish and angry, but that’s only because they mistrust strangers and outsiders. Orcs who live among humans tend to be much calmer, serious and focused on their work, but still like cutting loose like anyone else. Slightly less intelligent than humans, but have a well developed culture with music, poetry and trade on a tribal level. Greenish skin, 6 1/2 ft, 220 lbs.


Broad shouldered, muscular men and women with skin colors that are usually a light green. They have a variety of facial features, some with large teeth, course hair, and snoutish noses, others look perfectly human. Human intelligence, unusually strong.

The Fey Court


Herne is a powerful spirit of nature, protector of the forest, and lord of the hunt. He rules over the cycles of nature, including birth and death. He may appear in various forms, but often appears as a man with antlers like a stag standing 6’5" at his head dressed in skins with his face painted black. He always has his spear, dagger, and a quiver of atlats at hand. He rules over the spirits of nature, but has found himself very busy calming the dead so that they may find their rest.

Gwynn ap Nudd

Gwynn ap Nudd is a powerful warrior and leader of the Tylwyth Teg, a house of elves. He is a powerful user of magic and wielder of a sword of fairy glass. Often seen as arrogant, he leads his people for their and his glory and betterment with little regard for the good of others. He is well known for his penchant to lead wild, drunken, hunts in which his people will hunt anything from beasts to men to fae in the middle of the night. This angers Herne greatly.

Cromm Cruach

Cromm rules the Tulwatha, the elves who live in the underworld. He is the spirit of their greatest general killed in battle by Gwynn. Transformed by the anger, hatred and blood of his people he has become a deity of death and slaughter, but the slaughter he wishes for the most is against the Tylwyth. His body is buried in one of the mounds in a hidden location. He considers Herne a friend because Herne has often sung to the souls of his slaughtered people and led them down into the mounds where they can find rest. He also fears that one day Herne will find his burial site and bring his soul back to the earth.

The Faery Queen

Ruler of the Fae court, she rules over all the Fae and the spirits of the forest, though her position is tenuous. She keeps it through the unwavering support of Herne, with who she has had a romance for centuries, and careful playing of her enemies against eachother. She is a master of illusion,


Tylwyth Teg

The Tylwyth Teg, or fair folk, these individuals are considered the nobility of the Fey Court. They are shorter than people standing about 5" tall on average and are innately magical. They can travel back and forth through the veil to the Fae Court with the use of a talisman or by performing a ritual asking for the spirits to grant them passage. They serve the head of their house, Gwynn ap Nudd who is a great warrior. They reside across the veil in their home of Annwyn, a place of feasting and joy, which they have gained through magic, trade, and merciless treatment of their enemies. They have fair skin, eyes, and hair.


The Tulwatha, also called the Aes Sidhe or “Dwellers in the mounds,” are members of the Fey Court alongside the Tylwyth. They fought bitterly in courtly intrigues and small skirmishes over the favor of the Fairy Queen until a war between the two left the Tulwatha decimated as the Tylwyth attempted to wipe them from the face of the earth in a war that lasted a century. The remnants of the Tulwatha live in hidden places underground through the veil that their foes do not know of. Many of their dead were buried in large mounds with wards of protection placed on them to keep the Tylwyth away before their retreat into the underworld. Here even their spirits conspire for revenge.

The Tulwatha are the same as the elves physically, but with dark hair and eyes. Their leader is Crom Cruach, the spirit of their greatest general.

Other races.


Regenerative humanoids with a war-like culture with a well developed social order. They tend to live in small tribes and are nomadic. They come from the continent of Gehwer and are traditional enemies of the Dwarves in that region.


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