Smokes, the unusually cheerful goblin.
When he was young, a weird human visited his camp. This man looked like he had been living in nature for a long time, and when questioned about it confirmed it. Smokes decided this man was who he was destined to follow, since the man smoked without end, and the smell of his smoke was weird sweet.
Smokes followed the man to his camp, which was situated in a field of weird plants Smokes had never before seen.
The man, who never gave his name, explained it was this plant he smoked and when he let Smokes try it, Smokes found his destiny.
After spending 2 years with the man, Smokes stuffed his duffel bag completely full with dried Mari Wana plants and left.
That’s when he arrived in Sleepyoak.
Tools of the trade: Mari Wana
Goblin (1), Druid 3, Hippie (2), Outdoorsman (2)

Hummingbird, the Windling Inventor
Hummingbird is not like other Windlings, who are social and friendly and always up for playing a game or flying around being all natural and sweet. She, on the other hand, is studious, grumpy and a little reclusive. Where her sisters’ wings have grown to the soft green colour of the forest or the bright brick of the town buildings (and a fisherman of a brother whose wings are a particularly pretty blue), Hummingbird’s are a steely grey shot through with the faded cream of parchment. She spends her days inventing strange mechanical contraptions and bartering for goods to build them. She has a house/shop in the town large enough for humanoids to enter from where she sells her more useful inventions and is always keen on being brought new and interesting items.
Hook: Windlings are barely 2ft tall and suffer all the associated inconvenience.
Tools of the Trade: Laboratory, Sales inventory, Awkward Satchel w/toolkit, mechanical crossbow.
Cliches: Windling (1), Mad Scientist 4, Archer (1), Salesman (3)

Dabbles In Mad-Science, the goblin who read the manuals of alchemy, necromancy and the outer gods
Dabbles was born and raised fairly normally, when he moved to sleepyoak to get a job, he worked at a library, and found three books destined to change his life permanently. He read them one at a time, the first, “Alchemy for Madmen”, absorbed him for several years, and he left the rest of the books in a secret room in the library. When he finally got back from his training, he read a book on necromancy, this scarred him for long enough that when he read the last book, “Dgvdhansfslitor” he was barely affected. He then became a monster hunter when he eventually recovered from his ordeal. However, his attitude and mind are permanently warped, and he doesn’t even like using his skills.

Goblin (1), Monster Hunter (3), Necromancer 1, Alchemist 1, Eldritch Cultist 1, Librarian (2)

Absculian, The WarMage
Description: Human, High and thin, black hair and brown eyes.
Absculian was a solider in an army before, but one day, a mage told him about the magical world, he was intrested, and started to learn the secrets of magic, learning spells.
His master tried to teach him all kind of spells,but Absculian was intrested only on spells which can be used in combat, his master did not like it, and one day he sent him away.
Absculian returned to the army, this time armed with magical power, thanks to his powers, he became a captain pretty fast.
But in a battle, his army had lost, he is now wanders in lands, looking for a group to adventure with, as he knows the power of a group.
Magic use 4 Captain (2) Swordman(1)

Grathil, the Hobgoblin Thief
Description: Dark gray skin,Yellow eyes, Average Size.
Ever since Grathil was a little his father who was an explorer told him of the many tales of wondrous treasures that were the stuff of legend. His father would talk of ruby the the size diner plates and Jade stones could set you for life 10 time over. Grathil dreamed of amass lot of treasures and made it his goal to have the largest treasures trove in the history of world. When he was old enough Grathil left his family and went off into the world to achieve his goal. He decided to travel to Sleepyoak to found a group of adventurers to mingle with and probably steal whatever treasures they found while traveling with them.

Clichés: Hobgoblin (3), Thief (3), Agile (3), Greedy (2)

Grew up with a wandering band of traveling gypsies who earned their meals performing. He was surrounded by song, story telling, plays, music, acrobats and dancers. He called all the male adults uncle, and all the women in the troop aunt. He had such a delightful time learning, sometimes without realizing it, that he did not question who or where his parents were, knowing that he was safe among many who cared. Their troop was often the only culture, entertainment, or news that a village got.
Hook: GM Secret
Tools of the trade: cloak, a rapier for show, a dagger, a sap, disguse/acting kit, lute, backpack, Flask of liquor, bedroll, cook pot, water skin, and flint and steel.

Bard (4), Actor (3), Bardic Knowledge (3), Fae Blooded (1), Basic understanding of magic and science (1)


Vagabond Tavern and Inn

Greggory, Half-elf- Owner of the Vagabond, he’s a friendly sort. The only sure way to make him angry is to wreck his inn or threaten his staff. 6 feet tall, brown hair and eyes.
Half-elf (1), Barkeep (3), brawler (3), Friendly (2), Talkative (1)

Alice, human- Evening worker at the Vagabond. Flirty, works there because she enjoys the atmosphere and is loving the busier nature of the town. 5’4", brown hair, blue eyes.
Friendly (4), Naive (3), Unexpectedly strong (3), Attractive (2)

Valerie, Elf- Evening worker at the Vagabond. An attractive female who gets more than her share of inappropriate attention, and loves it. enjoys using her appearance to get what she wants and play the males against each other. Her eleven glamor doesn’t hurt. 4’5", Brown hair, green eyes, pale skin.
Elven Beauty (3), Maneater (4), Drunk (2)

Agnus, half-orc- Usually around in the morning Agnus is the female half-orc who runs the kitchen. Muscular, tall, and imposing but missing the snout and tusks some orcs have, She might be considered attractive if you can get around the greenish skin, broad features, and short temper. 6’1", black hair and eyes (iris).
Half-orc brawler (3), Cook (2), Baker (3), Attractive (1), Artist (1)

Gretchen, Human. Morning server at the Vagabond. Married to Faelan.
Kayleigh, Half-elf. Daughter of Gretchen and Fealan. Often drawing on a piece of slate with charcoal.
Faelan, Elf. The town’s cooper.

Bert, human. The town’s doctor, herbalist, and headman (leader). Is able to do things with medicine that astound visitors. Often sees to the burial of those who die in Sleepyoak.


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